Opening The Door To Positive Life Choices

The Acorn Project - Youth work Ireland midlands is a justice diversion project.

What the Acorn Project stands for:

Our Aims

To Identify, target and engage young people who are at risk in our community. To help all young people identify and fulfill their innate potential. To help all young people make positive life choices.

Our Work & Ethos

Our work is relationship based, person centred and based on mutual respect and equality.

"It is as it is, however, if it is to be, it's up to me"

Mission Statement

To identify and engage with young people at risk. Through a comprehensive educational programme encompassing personal, social and academic traits, we would like to help each individual reach their innate potential.

Garda Youth Diversion Projects

Community-based and supported youth development projects

We work with at-risk young people. The projects facilitate personal development and social development. We present opportunities for young people to undertake actions corresponding to their own aspirations, and to assume responsibilities within their communities. Voluntary participation is key to all programs.

Acorn Project Community Beach Trip
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The Acorn Project

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